I’m A Producer — & I Took A $20K Pay Cut To Work At A Better Company
“After much turmoil at my job relating to salary freezes, massive layoffs, and team restructuring (aka, shuffling the creative team under the control of the legal and finance director and out of the marketing department — what?!), it was time for a change.

“I found a new job on LinkedIn, and this company was a large international cosmetics company with an in-house brand-communications team and, within it, the film and photo team, which I would lead. I was quite unsure of what this new company might be able to offer, so I was conservative and asked for an $80,000 salary, which was accepted. With quarterly bonuses, my salary ended up at $95,000.

“I was overseeing a team of producers, directors, editors, and other production crew. I creatively directed video shoots and campaigns and was responsible for the team’s annual budget, career growth for my team members, and their salaries.”