I’m A Publicist Who Babysits A-List Celebs At Film Festivals — Here’s What That’s Like
Generally, a celebrity will do a day of press and the premiere at night. Some actors will say, “I’m only doing four hours of press. So, fit in what you can, but I’m not going to work outside that window.” You would think that the Mark Wahlbergs and J.Los of the world would be the most demanding but, A-list talent like them know their job and know what they are there for. The C-listers are new and so excited to do whatever you need and they don’t question anything. They’re great. The problem, in general, is the B-listers. They are about to launch, but they also know they aren’t nobodies so they push [boundaries] with you. Some will demand, “Well,
Julia Roberts got that why don’t I get that?” And you’re like, “Because you’re not Julia Roberts?”