I’m A Technical Account Manager & I Made More By Going Hourly
“My first job was as a case manager at a personal-injury law firm in California. We were basically a 1-800 Yellow Book law firm. It was my first job out of school, and I was so happy and honored to move to a full-time position from my internship. I assisted in taking in new clients, setting the clients up for doctors’ appointments and tests, and corresponded with insurance companies.

“But the atmosphere was toxic in my opinion. A couple of attorneys (one of whom I worked directly under) were at times verbally abusive and very dominating in personality. Personal-injury attorneys have a reputation, and this place was not the exception. Our main priority was to make as much money as possible, even if it was at the cost of the clients’ and the employees’ well-being.

“When I approached the lead attorney for a raise, he yelled at me (where everyone in the office could hear) and told me that I was lucky to have this opportunity. I was getting paid $24k a year, which could be lower than minimum wage. The clients were another story — many of them (sadly true) were there to make money as well, and often used me and other case managers as punching bags. I got a lot of insight into a world I had never grown up with, the level of poverty people experience that would drive them to look toward our services to get their ‘big break.’

“Not everyone at the law firm was as cruel and hard to work with as the two main attorneys. I did make many friends. But it was an experience that was less desirable, but honestly I am happy I went through it. Everyone has that one horrible job, and it’s one I can reminisce on and reflect at how far I’ve come since then.”