Inside The World Of Gillistans, Kirsten Gillibrand’s Biggest Fans
Gillibrand’s Twitter supporters are an “extremely online” and tight-knit group — sometimes it’s a blurred line between “
stans” (a.k.a. hardcore supporters) and people who actually work for her campaign in some capacity. Digital coalitions director Justin Jenkins slid into Sara Rodriguez’ DMs after seeing the collages she made of Gillibrand for fun and recruited her to make posters for last week’s rally. Kelcy Beckstrom, a student from upstate New York who now volunteers for the campaign, said she was won over when digital mobilization director
Alexis Magnan-Callaway took time to get to know her on the phone before she joined. And lest you think the Gillistans are only women, there is a roving gang of “Gillibros” on Twitter, too: “I
coined the term Gillibro to (sorta flippantly) point out how friendly Sen. Gillibrand’s staff and supporters are, especially when juxtaposed next to some of the supporters of the male candidates,” Danny Barefoot, 30, who does Democratic ads and strategic communication for the firm Anvil Communications, tells Refinery29.