Into Horoscopes? Spotify Just Made Your Life Way Easier
Spotify worked with astrologist
Chani Nicholas to bring the signs to life, and the service tells Refinery29 that the track lists will be updated monthly. Just like a monthly horoscope! As someone who enjoys both hearing new music and blaming my bad attitude on my daily horoscope, I had to take the new feature for a whirl. Since I’m a cusp baby (May 21!) I usually flip-flop between signs based on my mood (a very Gemini thing to do). I found that both the Taurus and Gemini playlists struck a chord (music joke!) with me. Taurus was a little hipper, while the Gemini playlist felt slightly more nostalgic. The former transitioned from The Internet to Sampha, while the latter strung together Rilo Kiley, Coldplay, and Frank Ocean.