Is There A Science To Attraction? I Smelled A Stranger To Find Out
Though the exercises might sound silly, Guerilla Science sent me a reference list includes over 20 scientific studies. They included a 1984 study titled “Self-disclosure, intimacy, and the depenetration process” (that’s the one that says telling a stranger an embarrassing moment will make you feel closer to them — which checks out, though I found it
more friendship-inducing than sexy), and several 2016 studies, including one titled “Pupil dilation as an index of preferred mutual gaze duration” (that’s
the eye-gazing one, which I actually found to be pretty flirtatious, after the initial awkwardness). Guerilla Science works with scientists and researchers to stay up-to-date on the
science of attraction, Koski says, “but humans are so complicated that it is quite a big scientific challenge to decode romance from a scientific perspective.”