Is Your Homemade Face Mask Effective?
Upon learning this, many brands switched their focus from sewing homemade masks to raising money and/or donating funds to purchase CDC-approved N95 masks from manufacturers. Handbag designer Gelareh Mizrahi is one of many people who have pressed pause on their normal routines in order to focus on obtaining the necessary PPE products for healthcare workers nationwide. Using her supply chain contacts in China, Mizrahi was able to find a manufacturer with over 2 million N95 masks in stock. Now all she needs are the funds to purchase them. By donating to her Go Fund Me page, you can help to secure respirator masks for healthcare professionals in need. Mizrahi has also partnered up with Direct Relief, a large-scale organization to help with distribution and acquisition of emergency medical supplies, and Project N95, a New York-based organization working to get protective masks into the hands of doctors throughout the city.

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