Jay Inslee Bragged About His Support For Reproductive Rights. Amy Klobuchar Wasn’t Having It.
However, it is true that there are differences between the candidates. There is a lot more to protecting abortion rights than simply keeping the procedure legal; if a woman can’t access the procedure due to barriers like cost, inability to find a provider, or the bevy of
other, onerous restrictions that can add up to make actually getting the procedure insurmountable, then that is also a way to stand in the way of a person’s choice. And reproductive healthcare is not just an issue that affects people who identify as women. At tonight’s debate Julian Castro, who served in the Obama administration before his 2020 presidential run, was quick to add that he would appoint federal judges who understand
Roe v. Wade, while adding that access to abortion concerns not only women, but transgender men and non-binary folks as well, signaling that he understands this.