Jonathan Van Ness On Debt, The Fab Five & His Biggest Splurge (Other Than Shoes)
Jonathan Van Ness wants to talk about money, honey. When he was cast on
Queer Eye in 2017, JVN was on the cusp of turning 30 with 11 years of experience doing hair — but as a small business owner combatting debt, his main concerns were staying ahead on his taxes and making sure he was able to save some money in the process (for shoes and his future, among other things). With the success of
Queer Eye, his financial sitch has certainly changed — which is why he’s partnering with
Credit Karma, a financial service that helps members file taxes, get back unclaimed money, and improve their credit, to empower people to take control of their financial lives, no matter their income. Ahead, we chatted with JVN about getting out of debt, what he saves and splurges on, and which member of the Fab Five makes the best money moves. (Hint: it’s not who I guessed. I guessed Bobby.)