Jordan Peele’s new movie, Us, is out in theaters

A thrilling, blood-curdling allegory about a self-destructing America.

Jordan Peele is back with his widely anticipated new movie, Us, a psychological horror-thriller film in theaters March 22 starring academy award winner Lupita Nyong’o.

This is Peele’s first film since his wildly successful directorial debut, Get Out, which was released in 2017 and won an Academy Award for best original screenplay. The new film is a spine-chilling thriller that follows a family on a beach house vacation that turns into a nightmare.

Vox film critic Alissa Wilkinson writes: “The title also obviously signals that this movie is about us — first-person plural, audience and filmmakers alike — but with some additional specificity: US = United States. As one of the characters rasps once the film cranks into gear, ‘We are Americans.’ Us is a movie about America.”

Wilkinson describes Us as “a big, ambitious fable about how a society develops willful amnesia, then tears itself to pieces. Like last year’s Hereditary and the upcoming The Lodge, it’s horror cosplaying as family drama. But unlike those movies, Us’s target isn’t intimate; it’s a whole nation that doesn’t want to remember the less savory parts of history.”