Kamala Harris Reintroduces Maternal Mortality Bill, Aiming To Prevent Healthcare Bias Against Black Women
Harris’ bill creates two grant programs to make sure that women, specifically women of color, have access to culturally competent, holistic maternal care, which could help reduce morbidity and mortality. The first grant allocates $25 million for medical schools, nursing schools, and other health-related professional training programs to address implicit bias, a key reason Black women specifically receive subpar healthcare. To this day, many health providers continue to believe, without any
scientific basis, that Black people have a higher threshold for pain. When combined with the
stress of racism and the dismissal of their symptoms, Black women are much more vulnerable to facing life-threatening conditions or death during childbirth — regardless of factors such as income and education.
Serena Williams has talked often about how her doctors dismissed her concerns after the birth of her daughter Alexis Olympia and the complications almost killed her.
Beyoncé and
Olympian Allyson Felix have had similarly harrowing experiences, despite having access to some of the most high-quality healthcare available.