Kate Young Explains Why The Fashion At The Oscars Is Always So Good

“Because the Golden Globes takes place long after Fashion Month in September is over, the clothes have all been worn, the last couture show was in the summer, and during the holidays all of the European ateliers are closed,” Young explains. “The amount of time between the announcements and the nominations and the actual awards is very short. So Globes can be quite stressful whereas Oscars, we have another couture show. We have at least New York and London ready-to-wear shows. We’ve also had some time,” she says. “By the time someone is going to the Oscars, they’ve worn so many red carpet dresses, I start to get in a groove. I really know what a feeling is like and what’s working and what’s not. Oscar dresses are pretty much always custom. They’re made far in advance. They’re made by hand. It’s a much more controlled and well-thought out process than the Globes can sometimes be.”