Kesha Is Launching A Makeup Line To Align With Your Aura, Not Your Instagram Filter
Kesha is back and more badass than ever. There’s no denying that the 32-year-old pop star has had a rocky few years, but this week marks her bright, colorful return to the spotlight. With a new album on the horizon, she’s got a positive outlook that puts her happiness and art first, pushes her to try things she’s scared of (like a new hair color), and gets back to her roots. Translation: No one is going to hold her down.

On Monday, she performed her new single, “Raising Hell,” for the first time, and last night, she debuted two more songs at a party thrown in her honor by Jack Daniels — and that’s just the start. Her new record, High Road, is coming out this January, and in an interview with Refinery29 yesterday, she let details about her very first beauty brand slip. Yes, you read that correctly: Kesha is putting the finishing touches on a brand-new line of colorful makeup, aptly named Kesha Rose Beauty.

We can’t spill all the details about Kesha’s makeup brand just yet or transport you to her whiskey-fueled L.A. party, but we can say this: Get used to seeing her dominate. Learn more about what Kesha has to come, below.