Kim Kardashian West Is Going Above & Beyond With This Year’s Mother’s Day Gift
As her family gets ready to celebrate Mother’s Day at home, Kardashian West urges everyone to self-isolate if they’re able to, but most importantly to take care of themselves as many adapt to new living situations. The mother-of-four has found normalcy in moments like getting ready to film for Keeping Up With The Kardashians at home. “My hair is a mess, and I think I’ve put on makeup twice, so it felt really good those days. I felt like a whole different person when I finally got up and got it together,” she says. “It’s not always glamorous. There are so many days I don’t even brush my hair or get to shower, as it’s a different type of task when you’re now having to homeschool your kids and figure it all out.” Ultimately, she has just a few words of advice for everyone in a similar situation: “Do the best that you can.”

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