Knix Is Confronting Ageism In The Lingerie Space

For the remainder of the video, titled “Age Doesn’t Matter – A Message From Knix,” viewers will find real women of all sizes, shapes, and skin tones dancing, laughing, posing, and snapping along to Lovato’s track. “The inspiration for this video is pretty simple,” Knix founder and CEO Joanna Griffiths explains. “For years society has pretended that women over a certain age don’t exist. They disappear from advertising, particularly in our category of lingerie and intimates — in 2018 Adriana Lima marked the oldest Victoria’s Secret Angel ever at the age of 37. At Knix, we want to empower all women, no matter their age, to be unapologetically themselves. To do that we need to make sure that they feel seen in our marketing.”

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