Know Your Worth & Other Career Advice From The Women’s National Soccer Team
The gender wage gap isn’t the only thing that carries over to sports. Crystal Dunn, a defender on Team USA,
has been outspoken about how, as a Black woman, she needed to go “above and beyond” to be noticed. Like many in the 2019 roster, Dunn was inspired by the national team’s big win in 1999. But, unlike many of her teammates, Dunn didn’t see many players who looked like her. That team only had one non-white player. This year’s team is more diverse, but there’s still a long way to go. And, like with diversity everywhere, there is no magic fix. It’s an uneven playing field (or pitch) that often favors white, affluent, connected people. The rest of us can remember to be allies and advocates when possible, both in life and in the workplace.