Loafers Are A Huge Trend This Fall  — Here Are 17 Pairs To Try Now
Sandal trends come and go every summer, with one or two styles making it big for a season before teetering off. Same goes for boots — one year, all anyone can talk about are lug soles, the next, cowboy boots, and so forth. All to say: In footwear, a silhouette rarely makes it past its designated season. That isn’t the case, though, with loafers, which, since stepping out of the shadow of Wall St. brokers and prep school kids, have become a staple in many people’s year-round wardrobe. (Birkenstocks are another year-round favorite.) But despite their seasonless appeal, we’ll always equate loafers with fall and back-to-school fashion, meaning that now is the time for you to either jump on board the loafer train, or, if you’re anything like me, continue adding to your already overflowing collection. 

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