Meet Boobie Billie: The Italian Greyhuahu With Enviable Style
I had followed Boobie’s account for some time before our meeting and had come across her page when a friend shared one of Boobie’s posts with me on Instagram, writing, “can u BELIEVE this?” The picture was of Boobie, wrapped in a hand towel (the appropriate size for her bantam frame) with her (nonexistent) hair folded into a white washcloth that sat atop her head. I have always found that Boobie has been able to take a ubiquitous pose, bag, or trend and make it her own. The style illustrated in each post is her own; Boobie’s internet person isn’t a guise — as is the case with some influencers who use their accounts to achieve a life other than their own or explore a different persona. Donning a purple waffle knit long-sleeve knit with an unbuttoned pink and blue color-blocked collared shirt, Boobie IRL is exactly as she appears online. Although she’s achieved micro icon status, hinting at a few partnerships in the works, and currently clocking in at 55k followers on Instagram, the self-aware nature of the Boobie brand has remained unaffected by this newfound stardom. With the present uncertainty that we’re all facing, I can’t think of a better mini escape than falling down a 60-second digital rabbit hole of a self-care practicing, handbag-collecting, positive affirmation-giving dog, like Boobie Billie.

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