Meet The Women Dominating The Wellness World

305 Fitness

You’ll be doing jazz squares in your sleep after a few sessions of this high-energy, dance-cardio class (complete with pink walls and fun lights). It was founded by Sadie Kurzban, who told Forbes that some investors have taken her less seriously, in part because she’s a woman. “I believe that my gender and age (and the fact that I’m petite, look even younger than I am and am attractive) have all played a role in investors scrutinizing 305 as an investment a lot more than they would have if a man were sitting across the table,” she said.

But being a woman allowed her to create the empowering ethos that’s unique to the workout class. “At 305, we say: you don’t need to change,” Kurzban told Forbes. ‘You are perfect, just as you are. We are dancing away the anxiety, the depression, the endless cycle of self-consciousness and guilt. And we are saying, ‘You are enough!'”

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