Modern Workplace Anxiety Is Manifesting In The Bathroom

Have you ever waited inside a bathroom stall longer than you have to, not because you’re busy scrolling through Instagram or filling up a fantasy Shopbop cart you’ll never pull the trigger on, but because you’re waiting for someone outside the stall to leave? “Everyone does this,” was one response I received when I put this question to the Twitterverse. And I believe that’s true, because I’ve done it, and I’ve observed other people doing it to me, to the point that I sometimes feel bad if I take too long artfully half-tucking my t-shirt or fixing my lipstick in the mirror. (Also, to the point that, when someone doesn’t do it, I’m kind of like hey, stay in there, don’t you know the rules?!) This behavior seems especially rampant in the modern, open-plan workplace, where we’re pretty much face to face with one another for 40-plus hours a week. We can’t avoid our colleagues. Except, with a little extra effort, in the bathroom.