New Executive Order Bans Undocumented Immigrants From Seeking Asylum
Although the Trump administration hopes that the policy will stop asylum seekers from trying to make it to the U.S., Pyati said that’s unlikely. “Families who are afraid of persecution…are not going to be deterred by a rule like this, because what they’re fleeing is so dire that it’s worth facing whatever the consequences are here in order to get away from what is there,” she said. She pointed at the
Obama administration’s efforts to detain and deport immigrant families seeking asylum back in 2014. The policies President Obama tried to implement — most of which caused outrage and
were overturned by the courts — didn’t stop migrants. And now that Trump has
threatened to cut funding for Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala due to the caravan, the situation will likely worsen in the region, causing even more refugees to flee.