New Music This Week: Jessie Ware’s Dance Floor Return, Justine Skye Builds A Man & More
In 2012, for at least a full year, I obsessively listened to Jessie Ware’s debut album,
Devotion. It was full of songs inspired by late ’80s and early ’90s
dance floor throwback jams of the sort that now litter Ryan Murphy’s TV shows. She pivoted to a more ballad-y place for her last two romantic albums, but this new track from her? Back on that dance floor shit. And I am way into it, because I need to dance like a maniac to sweat out the anger the last few weeks in the news have made me feel. The track has strong Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam vibes, but as produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis working on some early Janet Jackson records —meaning: sultry af, but also pop af.