Next In Fashion‘s Tan France & Alexa Chung Don’t Know; Don’t Care What TikTok Is

This is perhaps why they’re such perfect hosts for Next In Fashion, Netflix’s debut in the fashion reality space, which dropped on January 29. With a winning combination of style, silliness, and earnestness that’s tempered with sarcasm, Chung and France are a refreshing answer to the fashion personalities we’ve grown accustomed to seeing on television. The structure of the show, while similar to its predecessor Project Runway, has its own unique angle: The contestants are already professional designers. They’re just not famous yet. And within that, the show prioritizes topics like inclusivity and sustainability, bringing in a diverse range of well-known designers who are on the cutting edge of an industry shift. It’s a familiar format driven into new territories by charming personalities and breathtaking talent; the perfect show to binge. As for the winner? Well, that’s spoiled in the conversation below, so if you haven’t finished watching, you’ve been warned.

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