Oat Milk Nation

Shame, unfortunately, drives a lot of the conversations around our food choices, and there is no small element of it involved in society’s move away from animal-based products and toward plant-based ones. For some, it’s related to personal health concerns: Milk might not actually be as beneficial as all those Dairy Council of America ads led us to believe (shocking, I know), so opting for non-dairy milk feels like a way to stay nutritionally virtuous, something that goes hand-in-hand with the “clean” eating trend of the last few years. Then too, some people’s “milk shame” might stem from the knowledge that factory farming is a leading cause of climate change, and so they’re trying to do the right thing for the world by avoiding animal products whenever possible. They might not be prepared to go vegan, or even give up meat, but they can choose a plant-based milk, especially when it’s stocked at their favorite coffee shop, and taking over the dairy aisle of even the most run-of-the-mill grocery stores. 

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