Of Course Lady Gaga Looks Stunning At The Golden Globes
When she stepped on to the red carpet, the singer was paying homage to Judy Garland’s character in the 1954 version of
A Star Is Born, whose role Gaga reprised (in between, Barbra Streisand took her own spin on the role in 1976). This isn’t the first time Gaga honored Garland, either. The singer named-dropped the actress on her song “Dance In The Dark” from the
Fame Monster LP. Garland wore an ice blue gown, too, but kept her neck bare, where as Lady Gaga completed her look with a Tiffany & Co. necklace. She also wore rose gold Giuseppe Zanotti boots. The gown’s train was so long, it took not one
but two humans to hold it upright on the red carpet.