Peel On, Peel Off: The Indecisive Person’s Cheap Solution To Trendy Home Decor
If you prefer to draw inspiration from places a bit more highbrow than the aforementioned HGTV (no shade to Chip and Joanna!), consider Bikoff’s work at last year’s
Kips Bay Decorator Show House. Using three ultra-graphic patterns from
Voutsa, she created a candy-colored “stairway to heaven” that we honestly can’t decide if we’d rather live in or eat. Obviously, it’s a lot of look for most private homes (though more power to you if you choose to DIY something like this — please send us a picture), but if looking at it doesn’t make you want to invest in some wallpaper, we don’t know what will. Our other favorite sources of inspiration come from a more unlikely source: the walls of trendy NYC restaurants. Consider Indochine, with its iconic palm fronds; Vic’s pink flamingo bathrooms; and even Grassroots Juicery’s influencer-baiting watermelon walls.