Pinterest Searches Are Up 91% For This  Halloween Costume

I learned at a very young age that Halloween costumes are expensive. The moment you realize that you can thrift for your own Carmen Sandiego outfit (instead of dropping $70 on a polyester version in a half-opened pouch), the game changes. I stopped trolling Party City’s catalog, and redirected my attention to the power of makeup instead.

Revolving your entire look around an intricate display of cosmetic talent can be tricky, but well worth the process. On the downside, the top-trending looks for this season will most likely take you a lot longer than throwing on some red lipstick and calling yourself Marilyn Monroe. But the pay-off will collect more compliments than Selena Gomez’s Instagram account.

According to Pinterest, this is the year of originality — and a wave of pop culture icons, mystical creatures, and… animals? The best part: We bet you could master most of these looks with beauty products you already have. And if you’re truly makeup challenged, a local counter should be able to accommodate your request with a few of the inspiration images we’ve collected here.

Click ahead to check out this year’s most popular Halloween looks on Pinterest.

Cheetah / Leopard

Last year, it was all about the giraffe. This year, it’s the cheetah (or leopard, depending on your preference). One makeup artist combined two trends in one (with optical illusions, but more on that later) for this hypnotizing look.

Not enough time to paint your body in gold and brown spots? Concentrate the details on one side of your face and top it all off with an dramatic cat-eye.

Spiderweb Eyeliner

Sorry makeup newbies, this one is not for you. Spiderweb eyeliner has been a popular spooky trend for years, but perhaps 2018 is finally the year you put your skills to the test.

Oily eyelids? Focus your handiwork on the bottom half of your eye. Pro artist Juliet Capati chose to keep her Halloween look affordable by using Nyx’s Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick to create her creepy look.


This isn’t your childhood Halloween costume. Yes, it will require several hours more than it would take to run to the Spirit superstore for an itchy tangerine one-piece, but imagine the kind of awards you’ll win at your office party this year!

Not prepared for a midnight clean up of all that orange body makeup? Try creating a mini masterpiece on your lid with matte eyeshadow and a super-fine liquid liner.


Ever since we first saw Peter Pan, we’ve been wondering exactly what it would be like to be a fairy — even if for just a few hours. Luckily, copying this mythic look isn’t as hard as it looks. All you need is a trip to Michael’s and body glitter.

Fairies don’t have to be extra. Makeup artist Bo Senesomxay created this glowing, natural makeup with plenty of strobing cream for a wearable, spritely look.

Optical Illusion

These dizzying beauty looks were all over Instagram earlier this year. Now, the off-putting tricks are fit for the spooky holiday.

Beware of making one of these disorienting designs a last minute option. Our suggestion: Do your research on YouTube first and set aside several hours to get it right.


Back again for another round, Pinterest says that galaxy makeup is still one of its most-searched Halloween trends. In fact, interest in the term has grown nearly 160% in the last year. We’re here to confirm that the unique look is still out of this world.

Leave the constellations on your eyelids, or cover your entire face in the intergalactic freckles.

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

The fantasy-meets-macabre musical came out two decades ago, but according to Pinterest, fans are still going nuts over one character: Sally. Committing to being the Tim Burton rag doll means investing in a lot of blue body paint and patience. It also means you’ll need a red wig, falsies, and the ability to draw on fake stitches.

This cosplay artist’s Sally rendition is not child’s play. In fact it’s so realistic, we bet by midnight you’ll find your own Jack Skellington.

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