Please Stop Asking Me When I’m Going To Get Married
Actually, that mightn’t be an altogether terrible idea. Therapist and relationships consultant
Dr Kathrine Bejanyan says you could risk a cheeky mention of the divorce rate (the latest data from the Office for National Statistics estimates that
42% of marriages end in divorce), just to get your point across that getting married isn’t always a perfect happy ending. She also says you should try and stay calm, rather than getting too defensive, because chances are the inquisition comes from a place of affection and possibly outdated values. “Marriage can represent different things to people. Particularly to older generations, it can mean security, wellbeing, safety, and financial stability,” she says. “They just want that for you, so try not to feel offended if your aunt or grandparent doesn’t recognise that you are leading a happy, secure and independent life. Modern times have changed but it doesn’t mean that old mindsets have.”