Pop Culture’s Next Scammer Obsession Is Elizabeth Holmes: Here’s How Her Story Ended
Her claims about the company came under particular scrutiny in 2016, when the FDA, FBI, and CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
began investigating Theranos. And what all those investigations found, was frightening: patients were reportedly left at risk of internal bleeding and stroke if they were prone to blood clots, and more still were found to have been supplied with erratic, questionable results at best. Theranos and Holmes’ claims that their million-dollar company were changing the world appeared decidedly false. The state of Arizona sued them. From there, the whole thing crumbled in spectacular fashion, and the company itself was dead as of April 2018. And though
Holmes pleaded not guilty to criminal fraud charges in 2017, she did agree to pay a $500,000 fine. The U.S. Attorney’s office case is still ongoing.