R29 Beauty Editors Share Their Personal Skin Struggles — & The Products They Swear By
As consumers of media, we usually only see the soigné, pore-less end result and not the road there — a sense of secrecy still surrounds
how we’re actively working to achieve the complexions of our dreams. Here, in the interest of opening an honest dialogue — so that no one feels alone on their journey — three of Refinery29’s own beauty editors get candid about how they’re overcoming their personal skin struggles. And because both complexion concerns and the routines that address them are individual, we’ve partnered with
Clarisonic, the number-one dermatologist-recommended device brand in the U.S. and maker of the
Mia Smart, to show how the ultra-versatile tool can enhance a variety of skin-care regimens. Loving yourself and wanting to improve are not mutually exclusive, so ahead, dive into three skin stories, the next chapters of which, we remind you, are still unwritten.