R29 Binge Club: Umbrella Academy Season 2 Recap
Luther (Tom Hopper), Number One, has super strength and spent the last few years hanging out on the moon. After an accident that almost killed him, Reginald turned him into a half-ape man. Diego (David Castañeda), Number Two, can curve the trajectory of objects around him, and usually uses this to throw knives — he’s also got some intense daddy and mommy issues. Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) is Number Three and with the power of suggestion can convince anyone to do anything by simply saying “I heard a rumor.” Klaus (Robert Sheehan) is Number Four and has the ability to communicate with the dead, a skill that’s often hampered by his drug and alcohol abuse. Number Five (Aidan Gallagher) can jump through space and time. As a kid he accidentally jumped to 2019, living to age 60 before jumping back in time as his 13-year old self. Ben (Justin H. Min) is Number Six and he’s got literal tentacles, but the most important thing to know about Ben is he died in 2006 and is now a ghost — Klaus is the only sibling who he can speak to. Vanya (Ellen Page) is Number Seven and grew up believing she didn’t have powers. Turns out Vanya’s actually the most powerful of all: She can manipulate sound waves to cause massive destruction. 

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