R29 Fashion Oracle: These Will Be The Biggest Trends Of Fall ’19 (And A Few That Won’t)
If you’re a style enthusiast like us, you’re probably familiar with the historical struggle between the “ins” and the “outs.” Every season, the glossy fashion magazines of our youth would pit products against each other, declaring
Trend A tired while exalting Trend B as the must-have epitome of nowness. However, in 2019, the only thing that’s “out” is that binary opposition between old and new. We don’t want to rule out certain styles just because they’ve been around the block once or twice — these tried-and-true pieces can still bring us plenty of sartorial fulfillment and often become
classics in their own right. Sure, we still want to know what’s coming around the bend — it is
fashion, after all — but in our world, there’s plenty of room for both the past and the present.