Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was Not A Radical. But She Was Still Revolutionary.
In her later years, RBG became as significant culturally as she had been legally. After law student Shana Knizhnik’s creation of The Notorious RBG meme took off, as a result of Ginsburg’s dissent in the 2013 voting rights case Shelby County v. Holder, Ginsburg’s image appeared everywhere from tote bags to dolls to pins. You can’t walk into a local bookstore or browse Etsy without seeing some RBG-themed swag. While some mocked the glib fetishization of a powerful, complicated woman, it also played an important role in offering an easy point of entry for even young girls to understand the importance of having women in positions of power, and the myriad effects the judiciary has on our daily lives. To many women, this method of honoring Ginsburg was an accessible — and, let’s face it, aesthetically fun — way of honoring the justice’s accomplishments in women’s rights. 

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