Sex On Screen Is Such An Anticlimax For Women. Where Did It All Go Wrong?
Slowly but surely, we’re seeing films and TV shows moving away from male-centric portrayals of pleasure and towards more relatable depictions for women. Netflix has been a forerunner in destigmatizing sex for younger generations: alongside
Sex Education,
End Of The F****** World and
To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before have tackled everything from awkward sexual encounters to contraception and consent.
flagrantly embraced all the unsexier elements of sex, while
Pure showed the
eye-opening reality of living with intrusive sexual thoughts. And a wave of coming-of-age indie films have started stripping away the gloss and adding credibility to sex scenes, from Sasha Lane and Shia LaBeouf’s realistic, visceral encounter in
American Honey to
Lady Bird shattering the illusion that the first time is a fairy tale, and the fumbling awkwardness of
Booksmart’s lesbian sex scene. Imperfect sex is increasingly being celebrated – it’s no coincidence that all of the above are female-led productions.