Should Doctors Be Influencers? One Brand Is Betting On It
So when Sophie saw her mentor, an ophthalmologist, wearing a pair of scrubs that actually fit, she decided to buy a pair, too. They were from Figs, a company that made products specifically for medical professionals, but wrapped with the sort of slick, minimalist branding she recognized from companies like makeup brand Glossier, workout label Outdoor Voices, and wool-sneaker company AllBirds. Figs, like those direct-to-consumer brands, also had a sans-serif font, an easy ordering process, quippy copy, and effortlessly cool models. The scrubs, too, came in more streamlined cuts that made legs look longer and butts look rounder, and were offered in on-trend colors like charcoal gray, olive green, and millennial pink. There was even a hashtag to use when you took selfies in your scrubs: #wearfigs. For the first time, Sophie found scrubs actually fit her, in every way. 

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