Southwest Flight Attendant Sues Airline Over Alleged Livestream Of Plane’s Bathroom
On February 27, 2017, Steinaker was
one of four flight attendants flying from Pittsburgh, PA to Phoenix, AZ. Steinaker was asked to stand in the cockpit about two and a half hours into the flight in order to fulfill the policy that two people must remain in the cockpit at all times while Capt. Terry Graham went to the bathroom, according to her statement. Upon entering the cockpit, Steinaker noticed an iPad which appeared to be streaming live video from one of the bathrooms aboard the plane. The lawsuit alleges that the co-pilot, Ryan Russell, admitted that the
iPad was streaming live video from the bathroom, and that it was a security measure present on all Boeing 737-800 planes. Steinaker took a photo of the iPad. The photo reportedly shows Graham using the bathroom at the time. When Graham returned and Russell went to use the bathroom, Steinaker says she questioned him about the iPad and he refused to respond while he attempted to block her view of the iPad.