Susan Collins & How White Women Keep Selling Us All Out

Cool girlism stems from that old-fashioned pop culture line we’ve all heard, when a woman turns to a man and states, “I’m not like other girls.” It’s the misogynistic belief that if you cut down other women and prove that you’re above their “antics,” then the men will respect you and let you play with power on their level. As we’ve watched #MeToo become a rallying cry over the past year, many other women have been quick to cast themselves as “different” from survivors who come forward. These Cool Girls would never put themselves in a situation of being sexually harassed or assaulted, they say. They’d never make a big scene out of it, they say. They’d never hang around a “bad crowd,” they say. They’re not like those other girls, those survivors, those crazy feminists. They actually like men, they argue — often with a chuckle at the end.