Tag Yourself In Trump’s New Poll: Are You A “Radical Socialist” Or Just “Low-Energy”?
In a recent poll (or, really, “poll”) from the campaign, the budding Karl Roves backing Trump pose 10 questions to the electorate, asking things like “Who do you trust to NOT raise your taxes?” and “Who will you vote for in 2020?” Each question has two (2) acceptable multiple-choice responses, which are: 1) President Trump (haha, duh, you know it’s this one!), and 2) Some type of pejorative take on “Democrat” straight from Trump’s uncomplicated, Twitter-addled mind. It’s as dark and deranged as anything the Trump team has ever put out, with the added undercurrent of a terrifyingly authoritarian “Are you with us or against us?” message. Happy Monday, America! 

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