Tammy Baldwin On The Next Battle For LGBTQ+ Rights
And then the Trump administration comes in and February 2017, tells the Education Department of Betsy DeVos to rescind the Obama administration guidelines
protecting vulnerable transgender children, tell the
Justice Department to look at Title VII as not covering the LGBTQ community, and say
transgender service members should not be able
to openly serve. We’re seeing serious step backwards. We saw [measures] like this when Mike Pence was governor of Indiana. I don’t know how much it comes from him talking to President Trump, or how much it comes from President Trump himself and his advisors. But it is a scary time and a wakeup call for all us. If you care about freedom and you care about equality, we can’t take a pass on voting in 2020. We have to continue to educate, tell our stories, and be involved. What
we did in 2018 was spectacular, but we’re not done.