Tea Leaves, Hypnosis, & Aura Cleansing: My Virtual Spiritual Wellness Journey
While we discussed the ways in which this year had been hard for me, astrologically — eclipses, returns, retrogrades, all that good stuff — Stardust also foresaw a few unexpected things in the stars for me. One of the most surprising things she said was that I may have my first child during my Saturn return, which is just in four to five years. “This child wants to be born to you during that time period,” she said. “This is a very powerful aspect, and it really speaks to the type of energy that you’re going to have with your child in the future. It’s a strong bond, but I definitely think that this is someone that wants to be born.” She also said that this child is going to surpass me (and my partner, I guess) financially and popularity-wise. “They might even be famous,” she said. “Like I said, Kardashian vibes.”

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