Tears, Gasps & Laughter: All The Sundance Reactions To The New Hillary Clinton Documentary

Bill Clinton, with tear-filled eyes, recalls his wife saying this to him after he came clean about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. The sequence was perhaps the most emotionally charged of the entire series, revealing deep regret and pain from the former president. By choosing to reveal the moment in the docuseries, the Clintons have taken control of the narrative while showing the audience an intimate moment. When Burstein asks why he did it, Clinton doesn’t have a more profound answer than impulsive escapism and stress release, noting that “no one thinks” about consequences in the moment. Later, he says he wishes he could have helped Lewinsky as he watched her struggle to try and live a “normal” life throughout the years. Here, we observed uncomfortable winces throughout the audience. On the subject of revealing her own feelings to the press, Secretary Clinton says, “I am a private person. The crushing intensity of wall-to-wall coverage, the expectation that you share your innermost feelings with people… Is there anything left after you’ve shared all of it?”

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