The Anti-Abortion Movement Is Giving Trump His Path To Re-Election
Listening to the president and other anti-abortion advocates, it would seem like there’s an epidemic of women terminating their pregnancies at a later stage for the sake of it. But the reality is only
1.3% of all abortions nationwide take place after 20 weeks of gestation, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. Melissa Rosenstein, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, told Refinery29 the reasons why patients seek care at the stage are complex. “They’re using an inflammatory rhetoric that is shaming women and shaming doctors. It’s really lacking completely in understanding, compassion, and respect for the complicated medical situations these women and their providers are facing,” Rosenstein said. She added: “Women who are facing these difficult decisions are in them because they either have had a diagnosis of a terrible fetal anomaly, have faced multiple restrictions in accessing abortion care, or they are terribly sick and their life is in danger,” she said. “Part of the problem is that politicians feel like they can legislate this type of complicated decisions. Every woman’s situation is different, every pregnancy is different, and it’s our job to provide the best care.”