The Bachelor Season 24, Episode 4 Recap: Big Trouble In Little Cleveland

Alayah tells Peter, “I’m here to freaking set the record straight with what was said about me.” Well, okay! Turns out, she is particularly upset with Victoria P., who, basically, told Peter that Alayah had been acting super suspish, and that they barely knew each other from competing in the Miss USA competition. Alayah now says she and Victoria P. were close enough that they planned a trip to Vegas together and that she was blindsided by her former friend throwing her under the bus. Peter decides to talk it out with both of them together, and it ends up being pretty damn clear that they knew each other for longer than three hours, which is what Victoria P. initially claimed, and they did go on a group trip to Vegas. At one point Victoria wipes Alayah’s running eyeliner, which doesn’t help her case that she hardly knows her.

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