The Bachelor Season 24 Finale Recap: Hello Darkness My Old Friend
After the breakup we get a live segment with Hannah Ann and Peter, and it’s honestly just Hannah Ann putting Peter in his place, Barb clapping, and Peter apologizing. Hannah Ann calls Peter out for reaching out to her parents after their breakup and telling them he wishes they met outside reality TV.  She calls him out for downplaying what happened with Madison in the middle of her proposal, which put her on the spot and meant she didn’t know if she was saying “yes” to him choosing her over someone else or because she was the only option. (So glad this was mentioned.) Lastly, she calls him out for wanting to contact Hannah Brown for closure after they were engaged. “Looking back on it, our engagement involved three women,” Hannah Ann says, referring to herself, Hannah B, and Madison. She ends by saying Peter needs to “become a real man.” Barbara claps for that one, too. 

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