The Best HEPA-Filter Air Purifiers To Buy For COVID-19
Although the CDC states that the main threat of infection is thought to be spread through close person-to-person contact, there’s still a reported air quality improvement case to be made for protection against airborne transmission starting with a building’s or home’s ventilation. According to a CNN article that consulted with Harvard environmental health researcher Joseph Gardner Allen, and, in lieu of a statement made by Governor Cuomo: properly ventilated buildings with high-efficiency air filtration systems can be an initial line of defense against the coronavirus. Which brings us to HEPA: If you’ve considered purchasing an air purifier or already own one, then you may be familiar with this four-letter filter but may not know what it actually entails. HEPA (which stands for “high efficiency particulate air”) filters are rated at the top of their class for their ability to trap tiny particles in the air (around at least 99.97%, theoretically). But, it’s this star quality that also makes it difficult (and expensive) to install HEPA filters on larger multi-room scales (e.g. as part of an entire home’s ventilation system). This is why we so often see these top-performing filters employed inside smaller, room-by-room air purifier models.

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