The Biggest — & Most Futuristic — Skin Trends Coming In 2019
For all of the skin-care industry’s breakthroughs and innovations, customization has never been at the forefront — but that’s all changing, and fast. Both indie brands and tech-driven startups are leading the charge to individualize routines and formulas in a whole new way, and cosmetics giants (like Clinique, with its new interchangeable
iD Active Cartridges system, and SkinCeuticals’ in-office
Custom D.O.S.E service) are quickly following suit.

Curology was one of the first (if not the first) company to offer a customized skin-care experience back in 2014, connecting patients with real medical providers to design an acne treatment for their specific needs. But some newer personalized skin-care systems do away with the derm entirely, relying on algorithms and artificial intelligence to provide unique formulations to each customer. Founded by a team out of Stanford University, Proven uses its own proprietary Skin Genome Project — which won MIT’s 2018 Artificial Intelligence Award — to analyze everything from individual ingredient efficacy to consumer testimonials and scientific-journal reports.

Between the two approaches, there’s MDacne, which provides a customized acne treatment program, plus access to a dermatologist, with your monthly subscription. There’s also The Buff, a clean brand that uses a simple quiz to match shoppers with plant oils best-suited to their individual skin type. Y’our, a newer contender, also prioritizes clean, cruelty-free ingredients, paired with proprietary data tech called SkinAI, which seems like a fair indicator of what we can expect in the coming year: If we’re lucky, the future of skin care will be cleaner, greener, and smarter than ever — and fully supported by science.