The Chillazzo Pant Is About To Be Everywhere This Fall
This summer we watched in awe as seemingly every single online shopper carted up the same item of clothing: the house dress (or, what’s popularly referred to as, the nap dress). This free-flowing frock allowed its wearers to waft loosely about their house-bound business with a shred of dressed-up dignity (despite not having showered or left their apartment in several days). And now, as the sun sets on this warm-weather season, we’re anticipating the arrival of a new wardrobe MVP for fall: something loungewear-like that has a little more polish and structure. After witnessing what can only be described as a near-viral run on one particular pair of wide-legged Nike sweatpants during Nordstom’s Anniversary Sale, we’ve crowned our winner — and we’re calling it the “Chillazzo” pant.

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