The Coolest New Features Coming To iOS 13


As an adult woman who is no longer a child, I should probably be less excited about these, but alas — I find it ceaselessly entertaining to send Memoji stickers via iMessage, a new feature in iOS 13. In moments of boredom, I have even made Memojis for my friends and texted them stickers of themselves.

They now join the keyboard in Messages alongside icons like Photos and Apple Pay, making them very tempting to insert into all of my conversations. And you can also use them in Mail, FaceTime, and third-party apps like Instagram. (I recently FaceTimed with my boyfriend using a Memoji I made for him as my own face, and it was weird and amazing.) Also new: 30 more hairstyles, 15 additional pieces of headwear, more
earrings and glasses, and makeup options to make your Memoji even more personal.