The Game Of Thrones Prequel Bloodmoon Being Cancelled Is A Loss Not Only For Women, But For Everyone
House of the Dragon has some eerie similarities to
Game of Thrones’ seemingly ill-advised beginnings. It’s also based on source material that hasn’t been finished. While the first
Fire & Blood volume was released in 2018, there’s
reportedly a second in the works. And Condal, the series co-creator, has a resume that is far shorter and much less dynamic in comparison to Goldman and Clarkson’s. He created the USA series
Colony and wrote the screenplay for
Rampage, but no films or TV shows that can be considered major successes or that have attracted big names (aside from Dwayne Johnson). From the information we’ve been given, it’s glaringly apparent that chances are being given to a less-experienced man over two extremely experienced women — however
HotD has brought Emmy-winning director and executive producer Miguel Sapochnik along from
GoT, where he directed tentpole episodes like “Battle of the Bastards” and “The Long Night.”