The Limitless World Beyoncé Built For Blue Ivy Carter — & For Us All
This is the thesis statement of
Homecoming. As Blue sings “Lift Every Voice,” Beyoncé is persuading her, slowly bringing out what’s already there. She’s passing the torch, but not in the bootcamp, dance-all-day-in-a-basement Matthew Knowles way, she’s giving Blue Ivy the space to receive her birthright in her own time. Sure, it may seem unfair of me to put that much pressure on a seven-year-old, and to expect her to live up to her mother’s incomparable career, but that’s the point. Through these carefully placed peeks we get of Blue Ivy in the film or on social media, we can see that Blue Ivy is carving out her own path. In her seven years, Blue Ivy’s name has already become as identifiable as her mother’s. She’s growing up in
the time of #BlackGirlMagic and when representation, while not perfect, is getting better every day. Structurally, the ceilings Beyoncé has had to break through still very much exist, but for Blue Ivy, the path is clearer and the potential is endless.